CID Built on the new Firefox Quantum

I have tried the new Firefox Quantum - and there are definite speed advantages :-TU

Is there going to be a release of CID based on the new version ?

Maybe in 2018 ;D If you like new Firefox stick with it. It is frequently updated & improving browser unlike CID.
Use some about:config changes to get more private browser, get some webextension and you will get what you want.
CID just a re-branded version of old-Firefox and will always remain old behind the Firefox.
Sad but true!

A beta version has been released:

Is this beta of CID not supposed to work in 32-bit Windows Vista?

Hi string_game,

The Firefox site ( Firefox 57.0 System Requirements ) lists Windows 7, 8.* and 10 as system requirements to install v57 Quantum on Windows PC’s- Screenshot attached

As CID is based on Firefox open source code any OS restrictions are from Mozilla and not Comodo and with XP and Vista not supported by Mozilla unfortunately this means CID as well.

Even the Firefox ESR support for XP and Vista is supposed to end in June of this year.

Hi string_game,

We confirm Comodo Ice Dragon 57+ won’t support XP and Vista.

No multiquote; I’m trying to remark about Shane and Huntoker’s posts here.
That explains why I am able to use version 52 stable ice Dragon but unable to run BETA version 57 Ice Dragon. Version 52 okay for Vista; version 57 no-good for Vista.

As I read the last two posts here in this topic, I am reminded of the same question I just asked yesterday; and so I have my question twice asked, and answered here, before I asked for the second or third time. I guess I can only keep version 52 of Ice Dragon for my Vista o.s. computer, and maybe retry Comodo Dragon (the one similar to Chrome, without the ice).