CID 47 disable drag to share [Merged]

can someone please explain me how to disable these panels appearing when you drag a link or text to the sides of your screen?
I’m talking about the panel that lets you post the link to facebook, twitter, google+ or search on google, wiki, etc.
Since CID47 this has been added and I don’t want it.
I really have no idea why it was added, as far as I know this is not a Firefox default thing, but it gets installed and enabled with CID.

It’s not listed as an addon or plugin, and there is no way to disable it in the settings.

Hope someone can help and Comodo stops adding these “convenience” additions noone asks for…
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Close your IceDragon
Please go to here:
C:\Users[Your PC Name]\AppData\Roaming\Comodo\IceDragon\Extensions

You will see “” folder. Just delete it and start IceDragon again.

I tried this and did not work, is there another way to disable this it seems like this unwanted feature is hard coded in the latest versions of Ice Dragon , to me it’s very annoying to have the side bars keep popping up when dragging items across the browser a simple option to disable would be great

This is the only solution now. and I assure you it works.

Hi Guys,
It might depend on the system, I had to also remove the mentioned folder from the following location to disable the feature.
C:\Program Files\COMODO\IceDragon\browser\features

Kind regards.

Awesome this fix works, thank you

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

I have an extension that puts a floating window on the screen. Whenever I move that small window anywhere near the left or right side, a HUGE menu pops out covering 20% of the screen from top to bottom!

Somebody told me this is from CID. Is it? How do I turn those off?

Hi movrshakr,
Merged topics.
Please see reply 1 and 4.

Kind regards.

Edit: It can also be disabled/enabled using 3rd party programs such as CCleaner for example.

OK, deleting “DnD[at]” folder at two locations seems to have done it.

oops…is this pic because I deleted the folders?

It is just a new update for CID. The new version v48 is released :wink:

See the direction, the v48 CID installer located at temp folder. :-TU

Ok, and the annoying feature is back with the new update (49).
Will it be possible to enable/disable it directly from UI ?

If you have ccleaner on your system you can easily stop it without deleting any file: Start ccleaner goto tools, browser plugins firefox to the right
look for Drag and Drop extensions click on it and disable it to the top right blue box done

After last update, extension with drag and share social (DnD[at] came back. I deleted this couple months ago and yesterday I saw again.

For many users this addon is huge problem and they just uninstall and don’t want use your browser because of this.

The main question: why still comodo added this bloatware? This is definitely not good direction.

With every update, I need to disable that stuff.
When will it be possible to disable it definitely ?
Very annoying…