CID - default skin

Since the automatic update to version I seem to have developed an issue (possible bug?).
Each time I start my PC and CID, CID always starts dressed in the ‘default’ skin.
I can change it for my favourite “MacFox 3 - 2.0.11”, restart CID is then dressed in this skin - great.
Shut the PC (or restart the PC) CID starts dressed in the default skin again!
■■■■■■ annoying!
Has anyone else had this happen?
If so please explain the workaround or solution.
Appreciate any and all advice.

Can you give me a link your “MacFox 3 - 2.0.11” skin ?
then I will try with my Icy Dragon ?


I found you skin on Firefox add-on themes. I installed it and used it. (btw good skin :wink: )
I restart my PC and opened the CID evrything is fine :-TU New skin still my default skin, I cannot see any problem here.

Hi - Thank you for your reply, much appreciated.
Since posting I have had to restart my PC, another program update unrelated to CID, and CID has started dressed in the default skin.
Is there anything I can alter, delete, amend within CID to change this.
As a last resort possibly completely delete CID and start with a clean slate? [Which I don’t really want to do]

Hi dustyv,
I have also tried this theme and can’t reproduce the issue.

You could try the portable version to eliminate any CID user profile issues.
Select portable in step 2 of the installation instructions.
Downloading and Installing Comodo IceDragon

Also the troubleshooting guide for Firefox in the link below might be worth a look at, as most of the suggestions will be the same for CID.
How to fix preferences that won’t save-Mozilla Support

Kind regards.

Hi Guys,
I really appreciate all the suggestions and assistance you have offered - well appreciated.
I have resolved my issue [still don’t know the cause] by completely removing [everything] CID.
Restart PC re-install CID, restored all my bits & pieces etc via “FEBE” - all is now working correctly.
My only answer [not being a computer Guru like you guys] is that something, somewhere, managed to get corrupted.
Still all is now well, and I’m happy again!
So I thank you all again - it’s good to know someone is there to catch us when we fall.
Cheers -=- dustyv

Issue now resolved.

You are welcome.
I am glad to hear that you have resolved the issue. :-TU

Skins be changeable? :o