Chromodo disappeared after update [merged]

I have been using Chromodo with windows 10 today it disappeared, or uninstalled itself. Any ideas as to why?


this happened to me too this morning. I have win 8.1. Got to work, revived the pc from sleep, CIS asked me about chromodo.exe wanting to do stuff; thought it was updating so I allowed the operation (applied Installer or updater rules). The operation finished and the chromodo icons disappeared: chromodo was gone.

This was without going into any uninstaller or the previous week or so, so it couldn’t have happened due to user error.


Hello fredv78,

We need more details from yourside, could you pls kindly let us know which version of CIS are you using? Do have any other security softare installed?

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Can you please provide installation logs to us via personal message to me?
Its located under C:\Windows\Temp\Comodo LogsFolder

Exact same issue here. Bizarre. Using Comodo Firewall Windows 10 Pro x64

Reading through the installation logs it looks like it happened around 4am this morning.

from updater log:

[02.03.2016 23:36:31:523|000149|LogState] Start installing the new version
[02.03.2016 23:36:33:356|000143|LogState] Update state value changed to: 2 (STATE_PENDING_UPDATE)
[02.03.2016 23:36:33:360|000149|LogState] Notify Dragon about pending installation
[02.03.2016 23:36:33:366|000149|LogState] Wait for Dragon/Setup process to finish
[03.03.2016 04:16:11:939|000143|LogState] Update state value changed to: 4 (STATE_FAILED_INSTALLATION)
[03.03.2016 04:16:11:944|000149|LogState] Notify Dragon about update failure
[03.03.2016 04:16:11:948|000121|LogState] Service went to sleep version:
[03.03.2016 04:16:24:123|000089|LogState] Service stop version:

From Uninstaller log:
[2016-03-03 04:16:23|20768|INFO] ---------------------------------
[2016-03-03 04:16:23|20768|INFO] command line: C:\Users*\AppData\Local\Temp\nsmB57D.tmp\un\Uninstall.exe /S -from-installer --keep-shortcut
[2016-03-03 04:16:23|20768|INFO] version:
[2016-03-03 04:16:23|20768|INFO] temp folder: C:\Users*
[2016-03-03 04:16:23|20768|INFO] Uninstalling…
[2016-03-03 04:16:23|20768|INFO] Stopping service…
[2016-03-03 04:16:24|20768|INFO] Uninstalling service…

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Thank you. We are on it

Hi, i had to register to ask help, am i in the right forum? I have many open tabs in my browser chromodo and i have saved them also in the bookmarks, to reaopen them after the weekend, and for my surprise the shortcuts says there’s no application and only shows the option to delete the shortcut i tried to looking in the location where it should be the directory… i don’t see the program, i’m very afraid to have lost it as all my work tabs and important bookmarks are saved in there, i have no idea what happened to chromodo… from times to times it crashes and now seems it self uninstalled, i would like to know at least if there is somewhere where i could look for the bookmarks and save it?

This might help.;msg831051#msg831051

My chromodo disappeared, icons and shortcuts are still on desktop, what is the solution for this? Could someone point me where i could find the bookmarks folder directory to save it, as it’s very important?

Assuming you lost Chromodo after updating there are a couple of things to try. Go to the Windows temp folder, look up the Chromodo installer and run it. Download Chromodo 45 from and install it. Upon installing the profile will be picked up.

Bookmarks are stored in :\Users%username%\AppData\Local\Comodo\Chromodo\User Data\Default.

What kind of bug can do this? A self-destroying browser, Comodo lost users by their own hands.

Hi yigido,
We shouldn’t judge as we do not know the cause, even if it is a Comodo error I can assure you it was not an intentional bug.
Besides that, these members are looking for help to restore and not just looking for opinions.

Thank you.

I wish I knew as much as EricJH. If I did, I hope I would be helpful enough to tell the help-seeker how to get the Chromodo version he recommended to solve my problem - I have searched high and low to find the installer for the version suggested, including for “latest version” but without success. Frankly, I am now thoroughly ■■■’d off by my experience.

Why is there no page containing links to download the latest version of each Comodo product? Your web-site needs a large injection of common sense and user-friendliness. I wonder whether your community includes people able and willing to do that.

Hoping for a revelation, Martin Nowers

I merged a couple of posts with this topic and edited the topic title to be more informative and to indicate this is a merged topic.

If you install v 45, link in my previous post, let it check for updates and download the installer. Then go to the Windows temp folder, c:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\Temp, and find the installer of Chromodo. Copy it is another folder for safe keeping. Then let the browser update its self.

If the upgrade fails then run the installer again and hopefully that will fix the problem. It should pick up the profile in the process. The update on my Windows 8.1 x64 installation did not have this problem so I am thinking out loud trying to fix it.

I like the idea of having a dedicated place with the latest versions of all Comodo products. Please post ur wish in Report Comodo Forum / Web Site Issues.

How can i recover extensions last session restore, what files should save from this directory and replace to when i open chromodo it restore to what was before, also i would like to have plugins(extensions) back, or should i install all again?

Solved! Thanks!

The installer for Chromodo v 48 has been added to the topic start of the release topic Chromodo 48 & Dragon 48 are now available for download.

Download link for Chromo v .