Chromodo Browser v and flash issues

I am running Chromodo Browser v and I don’t see the built in flash support that chromium based browsers use by default. When I go to a site using flash I get an alert that I need to install flash. If I do install the stand alone flash plugin then when I look flash pages I get an error that the shockwave flash has crashed. Restarting the tab just causes it to crash again. Point is, I can’t get flash working.

I know at one point flash was working in dragon or chromodo (I’ve been using them for sometime now) but now it’s not.

Any tips on how to troubleshoot this and get it working again?

Here is a screenshot of my plugins page… you can see that only one flash entry is listed and it’s not the chromium version.

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Did you install this Flash player?

Yes I believe so… The file is named flashplayer17_ha_install.exe and on the download page it saw I was running 64 bit chrome.

That is still crashing everytime I load a flash page.

Where is the flash that is packaged with chromium? Did Comodo leave it out?

Hi Jayman007,
Unless there have been some recent changes that I am unaware of, Chromium does not ship with the Flash plugin.
Google Chrome does ship with PepperFlash (PPAPI), which is not included with Comodos browsers.
This may change in the future, I imagine it is depending on licencing requirements.

At this moment I am still running Adobe Flash (NPAPI), from the link below select (NPAPI) for Firefox which also supports Chromium based browsers.

Kind regards.

I will give that one a try and disable the other flash plugin and see if that stops the shockwave crashes…

Thank you

EDIT:: I went to the link you gave and followed your instructions which took me to

however the downloaded file is the same flashplayer17_ha_install.exe that comes from

might you have a direct download link for the NPAPI file you mentioned?

EDIT2: My bad… I already have the NPAPI version installed and that is what is crashing. Any ideas what I need to do to get shockwave to stop crashing when trying to view videos?

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type this into the URL bar. chrome://plugins
it will display the plugins. FlashPlayer should be at the bottom if installed. Enable it, and check always allowed.

doesn’t fix the shockwave crashing issue…

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ok… so just tested it in incognito mode and it works as it should. I guess this means that one of my extensions is causing the issue?

Hi Jayman007,
Try disabling all extensions and enabling one at a time.

Please keep us informed if you find the conflicting extension for the benefit of other users.


Ok so further testing shows the problem extension to be HTTPS Everywhere 2015.4.7. The solution was to uncheck “youtube” on the pages where the video was crashing. At least that was the solution for the video I was trying to watch on a NON youtube site where the video was hosted at youtube.

I hope this helps others that might be having this problem.

Hi Jayman007,
Thanks for posting your findings. :-TU
Let us hope it continues behaving.


i have the problem that i cannot see videos in hd anyone that can help me here ?

Have you tried updating to the current release of Chromodo? I have no issues displaying videos in higher formats.

i have the newest chromodo just installed it yesterday and still got the problems unfortunately i also know the problem its the same problem as comodo dragon had. it only uses html 5 and that’s not support by most videos yet but i cannot change it

Hi hunt45,
I also have no trouble using higher formats when available with the latest Chromodo 43 or Dragon 43.
Also Chromodo/Dragon can use PPAPI Flash on supported sites.

Kind regards.