Chromodo Browser for Windows Mobile ?

I’m not sure is it against Googles rules or not,but i’m curious is Comodo going to make Chromodo / Ice Dragon browsers for Windows Mobile ? It is universal store so it can be used on all Windows devices. Not sure if Comodo makes browser for Android,but as Windows user and fan of Comodo i’d like to see and use it in store :slight_smile:


The code for Windows is limiting. Unless Chrome is made for Windows Phone, Comodo might not have much means of developing a version of Dragon, there.
This is why Firefox hasn’t made a version for Windows Mobile, either.

Until then, I bask in the glory of UCBrowser or Surfy. (Lumia 1520)

I agree. I use IE only,but Google hasn’t developed anything for Windows yet. Porting app is easy with minimalistic code modifications.

On the Windows 10 platform this should be easier than on the previous 8.1.

Still, Windows phones are of the very minority. And Microsoft is not famous for making it available to all carriers to support/offer.

Not all but many carriers, the big ones have Windows Phones. Some of the big carriers even have exclusive Windows Phones.
Minority to the marketshare, but last time I checked over 3 million users have Windows Phones, that’s still a big number and tons of users.

Yeah, I know I know, you guys will throw iOS and Android having XXX million, but I am making a point.

Technically, you have Xiaomi,HTC,Yezz,Acer,Microsoft,LG,Samsung,Alcatel. And developing is way easier than for 8.1

That still won’t make developers support it, most will have to port apps from Android and iOS. (But it’s seen that Windows 10 can do this seamlessly and easy)

You’re naming Original Equipment Manufacturers, carriers are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.

On a side note:
I find it funny that when I logged-in into my YouTube account with my Windows Phone, in IE, I got an e-mail from Google saying that I logged into my account with IE in an “Android” phone. What was Microsoft thinking, with this User Agent string? Not even IE with it’s original string will work? That’s a joke.

Yeah,but not difficult to port.

Jerks like the creator of SnapChat wouldn’t make a Windows Phone variant, and banned the Third-Party app that Rudy Hyun made. (Making some story about a security flaw, only because SnapChat’s creator just has a personal hate for Windows Phone)

Above rant proves that even if they can port the games/apps easily, it might not happen. Let’s keep our hopes up, though.

I hope that Melih is saw this thread,Comodo can do everything 8)

If Opera was able to bring a browser to the Windows Phone field, Comodo surely can try.

Yup,even on Symbian.

I’m wondering if Melih saw this thread. I’d like to get a reply from him :a0

Is Chromodo going to be available for Windows ? Chrome is not on Store.

Did you just change the topic to the Chromodo browser for Windows PC?
Chrome is not on Store? What do you mean?

Google doesn’t have Chrome for Windows. Store is Universal for all devices including mobile,PC,tablet etc.

Google dislikes Microsoft, it would be a cold day in hell when Google makes Chrome for Windows Mobile(Phone).
Also, Chromodo could be done but it might be locked to using the IE’s trident engine, so an IE clone with more features.

Then again, I am still using Windows 8.1 because I like my OS ready with everything, when it comes out. So, I don’t know what’s up with Windows 10 Mobile.

If the development is easy, then Chromodo, if it’s made on Android or iOS, would be ported to Windows Mobile hassle-free.

Google and Microsoft resolved their issues .

  1. Google and Microsoft resolving issues doesn’t change the fact that they hate each other, Microsoft has tons of apps for Android.

  2. Google might still not make a Chrome for Windows 10 Mobile, many hopes that they do. I rather see Comodo IceDragon, at least, there.

  3. Google resolving issues with Microsoft is bad news for me, I’m anti-Google.

  4. This still stands, “If the development is easy, then Chromodo or Dragon, if made on Android or iOS, would be ported to Windows Mobile hassle-free.”