Chromodo Android

Hello Comodo,
Have you thought of developing and android Chromodo versionÉ


Don’t need it.

Hmm? Why is that?

Current phone security will pick up anything that comes into your phone.
Also, many sites today have apps that will access their servers without a browser.
eg Google (and Google+), YouTube, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Wish, PayPal, Pinterest, Kijiji, FB, Bank clients, online movie and TV show viewers, Tapatalk, mail clients, cloud servers, Wiki, online games. Many of these are easier to use and more flexible than using a web browser to view the same.

Comodo browsers aren’t all about security are them? They’re also about privacy, could Comodo not create a browser with more privacy options than that of the current browsers for android? Perhaps one with built-in PrivDog so one doesn’t need to root their phones to get ad blocking?

Also did you just say there’s no need for a web browser at all on Android or did you mean something else? If you meant that there’s no need for a browser at all then I strongly disagree, but I assume you meant something else.

Personally I’m not really bothered by the lack of a Comodo android browser although I am wishing there were more options for the Chrome browser, like 3rd party referral blocking, ad blocking, tracker blocking, Tab cookies (cookies only saved until tab is closed, exclusions possible)

Edit: Personally I don’t like using apps for each site, that way I have to open and close and go between apps, which isn’t as easy as simply opening and closing tabs etc. Also not all the sites I visit have apps, Comodo forums for example. And the app version of several sites are just terrible or doesn’t bring anything over the website version or is simply the mobile website version in its own app.

One would still require a rooted phone for ad blocking, as ads are attached to many (unpaid-for apps) and most online games. I rarely see ads on my phone browser (I use an ad blocker, so I rarely see ads to begin with).
No, I never said nor implied there is no need for a browser app. as you yourself pointed out, quite the contrary.
I myself have Chrome installed, but I prefer using Opera.
I tab between apps using the Recent button. (I am on Lollipop, Alliance ROM v8.0 - M will be out soon)

edit. My apps are paid for, btw.

I meant ad blocking in the browser alone, not other apps. Personally I prefer using the website versions rather than the apps, I don’t like having apps on my phone for things I can do just as well with the browser, I have a few apps that I use instead of the website version, mainly the app for my bank and youtube, pretty much it though, don’t like using apps for other websites though.

Also I personally don’t want to root my phone, even then the ad blocking apps I tried before when my phone was rooted were sub-par compared to any ad blocking extension for normal desktop browser, either didn’t work correctly or didn’t block half as much.

I’m on lollipop as well and use Chrome for android however I still think switching between apps and using bookmarks is faster and simpler than switching between apps.