Chromodo and Dragon crashes all time in windows 10

My windows 10 computers have endless reports off both browser crashing … the cause off the problem is GDI32.dll ???
GDI32.dll is present on all my computers and working only Dragon and Chromodo having this issue…
On the top it also says some thing like … Improper Application Search path: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Comodo \ Chromodo \ chromodo.exe

Felaktig programsökväg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Chromodo\chromodo.exe

Händelsenamn: APPCRASH
Programnamn: chromodo.exe
Programtidsstämpel: 55828b98
Namn på felmodul: GDI32.dll
Modulens version: 10.0.10240.16390
Tidsstämpel för felmodul: 55a5c0d8
Undantagskod: c0000005
Undantagsförskjutning: 000912cb
OS-version: 10.0.10240.
Språkvariant-ID: 1053
Ytterligare information 1: e4b4
Ytterligare information 2: e4b49c8c27285c412457f07ef5841b22
Ytterligare information 3: 9819
Ytterligare information 4: 9819970d16940ff7b60a0509fa333b94

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Hi airborne,
Try disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’, found under system in the advanced settings.

Also do you have high system DPI settings?
There was an issue with the previous version 42 crashing when the systems DPI settings were set at 150% or above.


Hi the strange thing is that actually don’t crash what i can see…but getting this error report like every second…disabel hardware acceleration did not fix it…

Hi airborne,
Check the loaded modules for ‘GDI Client DLL’ under the software column of chrome conflicts.

If the above software module does not appear, check the following location for the ‘gdi32.dll’ file.

Kind regards.


The module appear …

Hi airborne,
Thanks for checking.
I am not to sure what is happening here, so I will ask the Developers to take a look at this issue.


Yes please do, i think its some kind off comp ability problem with W10

I have just sent a PM through now, so we will wait and see.

Thank you for your patience.

Edit: It might be worth trying Windows 8 compatibility mode for now if it is available.
Right click the shortcut, select properties and look under the compatibility tab.


Have tried the comparability mode before but it did not help.

I also see that chromodo and Dragon cant check for updates. I have also seen the update process crash.
The update to 10 did work without problem. The only programs having problem is Chromodo and Dragon.
I will use Edge until this issue is fixed.

The Chromodo update process that you could see running in windows 8.1 are also gone…