Chromodo 48 affected by issue on notification as Google Chrome.

As you can read here:;msg830893#msg830893

version of Chromodo not work anymore for me so I need to downgrade or remove Chromodo as for Google Chrome.

This is a BUG relative to Chrome, I was unistalled Chrome and starting to using Chromodo because was not affected but now, with the version 48 I can see the same BUG.

All work fine except notification.
I AM using an open source live chat called Live Helper Chat ( ) and operator console is in the browser so I was using Chromodo.

Now whith the last update when i logged in my operator console (you can find a demo in the webiste of the chat) and I put myself online and minimize the window or window is in background with some windows in first position (over) notification are showed or not showed and sound are not reproduced.

I have set when there are new visitor on my website I see notification and is reproduced sound. Also for new chat will not be alerted with sound.
This sound to be like an issue in the live chat but is a browser issue as in the previous version of Chrome and Chromodo ex Chromodo this problem was not present.

I need to alert Google of this issue and also you who seems now are affected by the same Chrome issue.
Live helper topic here:

As you see is not an issue seen only by me but many people have the same issue.