Chromodo 45 is now available for download.

Hi All,

Chromodo Ver_45.6.11.383 is now available.

This release will update existing users via Chromodo’s update system. The setup is currently propagating to CNET and should be available in about 48 hours.

What is new?
-Chromium code base 45 has been added.
-Several bug fixes has been implemented.

Thank you for your all feedback for COMODO Browsers. We really appreciate all of your contributions to provide you a great browser.

COMODO Dragon Browser Ver_45 will be released very soon.

Please keep the feedback coming, positive and negative.


The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Deja vu

We are writing the feedback but EricJH is deleting. :frowning:

Hi Ege,
I cannot see where Eric has deleted any post of yours or any other user.
Eric has previously moved some posts from other topics to the Forum Violation Board that were in violation of the Forum Policy, but none of your posts that I can see.

Please send either Eric or myself a personal message if you have any further questions in regards to this.

Thank you.

Thanks for the update Comodo. :-TU

I checked the forum recycle bin and Forum Policy Violation Board but I cannot find one of your messages. When did you post your message? Please continue the conversation about this by pm. You can send a pm to captainsticks or me.

Congratulations with the release. When can we expect a change log?

Thanks for your interest, I am sending a pm. :-TU

I am noticing some delay with this version in expanding large bookmark folders on the bookmarks bar.
Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


Comodo DNS is available in this version?

Hi yessnooo,
No, however I think we just found a bug.
If I refresh the settings page the option to enable Comodo Secure DNS shows up.
However even when it is selected it is still not active.

I have contacted the Developers about this issue.

Thank you.

I had an update last night to Version

Alp or Shane. What are the changes with this version?

I also received the update.

I checked after Eric’s post. Mine is also version

I have PMed Staff asking about a release topic for this update.

CCleaner denies to add cleaning support for Chromodo, shame on you Piriform.

Won’t Ccleaner find Chromodo & Dragon stuff as Chrome?

Read my post carefully, I said just “chromodo”…
CCleaner has support for both IceDragon and Dragon.

Why did you resign in the new version of CD of the addon Adsanitizer? Is it in any way harmful to the security of the system? If that is , what do you propose to replace it?


It’s been replaced by Adblocker from Comodo - Windows, IOS and Android.

Chromodo 48 & Dragon 48 are now available for download