I see this mentioned but when I follow the download link, it downloads
My question is where the heck is 36.6 ???

I don’t know if there is any official link but I extracted it from the CIS installer and uploaded it to Mega, you can find it here (If you don’t trust it then you can check the digital signature of the executable and see that it’s signed by Comodo)

Bear in mind, it’s the same Chromium version as the current Dragon browser:

Link taken from one of the replies in the Comodo Dragon is now available for download forum post.

CIS forced me to download it when I attempted to use the Virtual Dekstop, wouldn’t let me run it otherwise, so I dled it. First up, no offense but that’s a horrible name for a browser and the rainbow colors for the icon, are you kidding with that? Oh and where is the option to run it virtually/sandboxed like Dragon, the only way to do it is via Virtual Desktop, which is annoying, needless to say I uninstalled it and kept Dragon, if you guys implement the virtual option from within the browser menu, then I may reconsider, until then Dragon is my preferred option.

Hi bzrwon,
Virtual Desktop will run fine in classic desktop mode without installing Chromodo or Silverlight. (Screenshot)
Starting the Virtual Desktop-Comodo Help
The Main Interface-Comodo Help

To run Virtual Chromodo, right click the desktop icon and select ‘Run in Comodo Sandbox’.

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