Chrome v45 not starting

Hi, I see a fix for this issue has been released for CIS and CAV, will a fix be issued for Endpoint Security too please and if so do you gave a timeframe please ?


Yes, we are aware and working on permanent fix for CES as well. In the mean time, you can basicly add Chrome to Shell Code injection exclusion list under active profile.

  1. Open the Comodo Endpoint Security Manager admin console
  2. Go to the active profile for endpoints in your network.
  3. Go to File Rating – File Groups menu
  4. Add a new Group named ‘Chrome’ then add a path to Chrome under it
    a. Make sure the ‘Chrome’ group is selected and click ‘Add Path’
    b. Select ‘System Drive’ from the drop down menu at the lower right of the interface
    c. Type Chrome in the text field next to the drop-down
    d. If you have done these steps correctly, you should end up with a file group ‘Chrome’ with a path underneath it which says ‘ System Drive*chrome* ‘
  5. Apply your changes then open the ‘Defense+’ area then ‘HIPS settings’
  6. Make sure “Detect Shellcode injections” is enabled then click the ‘EXCLUSIONS’ button/text
  7. In the ‘Manage Exclusions’ interface, click ‘Add File Group’ and select the ‘Chrome’ group you created earlier
  8. Click ‘OK’ to confirm the exception then save and apply the updated profile

Please check detailed instructions and follow up topic from our Enterprise Forum:

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Thank you … I am aware of the workaround thank you.