Chrome & Chromium not loading pages

FYI… I rebooted a couple of times and problem solved. A moderator can delete this post if he/she so desires.
Original post appears below:

I just installed the latest release of Comodo’s firewall. Now, neither Chromium nor Chrome will load any pages. Both Firefox and Opera work fine; the tabs open in my previous sessions load when I execute either Firefox or Opera.

Does anyone have an idea why Chrome and Chromium will not load any pages? The same behavior occurs if I disable the firewall security level, the Defense+ security level, and the sandbox security level. I haven’t found any combination of settings in Comodo’s firewall that allow those two browsers to access the Internet.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Have you seen this page:

I can’t imagine why 3rd party browsers would act so differently. Oh, wait, my bad, 'cause their NOT MS ■■■■ browsers?

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