Choosing the right certificate for my website (Positive SSL)

Hi there,

I’m new to the forums and wondered if someone might be able to help me with a problem.

I’m a reasonably long-time Comodo customer (2+ years) and am currently running a business website (ecommerce) with some colleagues.

When we started, we took out the EV SSL (green bar) certificate from Comodo and had that for a couple of years. During this time, we had our bank’s card processing system integrated within the website (hence wanting the most secure cert). However the bank raised their processing costs so much that we had to drop this from the site and decided to get our payments processed externally with PayPal instead.

Because we were no longer directly handling customers’ card details (and because we are operating the site on a shockingly tight, self-funded budget) we decided to downgrade our certificate. Luckily, Comodo were offering the three month free trial, which has been fantastic for us as it’s allowed us to keep going without an extra expense.

Now that the trial is almost up, we’re looking to renew with Comodo (we like Comodo!) but I realised that I am unsure about the best way to continue. I’m looking at Positive SSL as this clearly seems fantastic value for money at the moment (£9 rather than £99). Would this cover our website and get us the all-important https:// in front of our name? I notice that Comodo is also offering a free upgrade to EV (the green bar). Are there any strings attached to this? It seems too good to be true.

To cut a long (boring :slight_smile: ) story short. We run an ecommerce website with very little money with our transactions handled externally by PayPal. Would Positive SSL be a sensible way forward? Our site has been verified by Comodo in the past, do these details get tagged on to the new, cheaper certificate.

I’m confused!

Thanks in advance.

You can get a positivessl for $9.95 and there is a promotion, where you can upgrade this to EV for free…

so you can continue enjoying your EV (minus the cost)…

Also, if you have ecommerce, i would recommend to put HackerProof on your site… (as it happens its also offered for free as an upgrade)…

so for $9.95 you can have both EV and HackerProof which I belive 2 very important factors in ecommerce…

Because your customers buy your trust before they buy your product!