chkdsk /f, with Comodo installed, causes system failures after boot

This has been reported long ago, but it seems to still exist.

If I install the very latest verison of Comodo Firewall, then any subsequent ‘chkdsk /f’ calls cause system DLLs to fail after reboot. Rebooting AGAIN makes this go away.

The errors take the form of, for example, “Event Viewer” with no event logs shown, not being able to start the Task Manager, etc.

This is with a standard install, no modifications to the install.

A default install shouldn’t cause this kind of breakage to happen.

I have verified that Comodo Firewall is the problem, as I uninstalled it, ran the above test, and the problem no longer occurs.

  • Tim

System: Windows XP Pro, SP2 + all latest updates

I am waiting for a fix also and till then no Comodo Firewall here (because of the problems above)… (:SAD)

Can any of the devs say something about this issue like “It’s fixed in next version” or “Expect to have a fix in X days”, etc.


I am not a developer, but I saw somewhere in the forums that they are working on it. Probably a tough bug.

Here ya go:;msg143654#msg143654

Thats not the same problem. I think you are mistaken (:TNG)

He is pointing to Egemen’s post where Egemen says “We are on it”. :slight_smile:

Thanks Soyabeaner! I hope they really do fix it!

  • Tim

Starting with this one, there’s more recent info:;msg146881#msg146881