Chinese Trusted Software Vendors?

I might sound overparanoid at this point, but doesn’t bunch of Chinese entries on the Trusted Software Vendor list (all the way in the end, written in chinese letters) bother anyone else? I mean ok, Comodo decided that they are trusted, but would YOU trust a certificate that you cannot even read or understand? It’s also very unlikely that i’ll ever come across or use something that would even require those digital signatures/certificates to be used. Global chinese companies that are a bit more serious and are present worldwide use regular letters so anyone can understand them. I’d prefer to keep them inactive unless i want them to be active (for example in case if i’m a chinese user, but i’m not).

Any thoughts from others on this matter?

I’m surely more parano than you because it is not only these Chinese vendors who bother me, it is the whole lot. I had so much like to be able to easily and quickly remove all the “trusted vendors” I’ve no use of from the list.

Aaah, just noticed i could remove these entries myself. It took several hundred clicks but now they are gone. Still, it would be a good idea to make it easy to turn off just chinese entries without actually removing them.
I don’t think i’m gonna miss them but still…

It bothers me as well. As does clicking the Remove button all those times. Can anyone recommend some program that clicks automatically for you? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can make a macro…

Too hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is exactly what chinese people say about those strange latin characters used for UK\USA vendors ;D

The TVL is shyte imo. if a user wants to trust the vendors on his/her pc…fine. but trusting companies youve never heard of , much less whatever software they may produce is just absurd.

there are so many users of this forum who ask this same question about how to disable/delete/untrust/set on fire the TVL that im not sure why the option to kill it has not been implemented (unless its just because the TVL is a selling point for comodo certs)

i was testing the sandbox earlier today malwaredomainlist (which btw has big problems for some x64 systems), and was able to execute a zeus v2 trojan with no D+ or sandbox because it was apparently signed by a TV. lame.

anyway, i hope soon there is a way to disallow the tvl :-TD

You can use Alt + R saves you having to click but still takes a long time, I wish they would do something about this.