china censors comodo if you search for comodo in a certian way

Like the title says. I was bored today so I wanted to see what sites get banned in china. I guess in china you cant use google to get to comodo but if you use Baidu search engine then it wont be an issue. As far as I can tell, I,m reading this correctly??
My reference

A good number of websites are blocked in China, including all the major search engines in the West, Google, Startpage, DuckDuckGo etc, with the exception of Yahoo, if you use Yahoo to search in China, it would jump to Yahoo (Singapore). And some sites in HongKong are also blocked.

China’s most used local search engine would be Baidu as you stated, and I guess Qihoo’s search engine is also quite popular.

Even the Https link you stated was blocked. :wink: And of course one can always use a proxy to break through.

Lots of sites are blocked in China, including all of Google’s services, and apparently their update servers too.

Wikipedia in Chinese has been blocked since May: Surprisingly, Wikipedia in English is currently not blocked: That may of course change at any time, and probably soon will.

The most used search engine is Baidu¹, and if an insecure connection is used, search results are censored: Extra important to use a secure connection ( in China, to hide the searches.

I find it extremely frustrating that ~20 % of the world’s population does not have free and secure access to reliable and uncensored information. >:(

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