Checksum Trouble

I have installed the new comodo cis 3.8.
There is an option in Firewall/Advanced/AttackDetection Settings/Misc/Packet Checksum Verification.
I seem to have trouble with it because once it is enabled all network connections will not work anymore.
Is anyone having the same problem and does anyone know a fix?

I do not turn it on as it simply check for packet integrity which is not important to me as it slows down your connection speed(it says it may so).

Tick the others and let checksum left unticked. (:WIN)

I am having the same trouble and as for the OP to tell you ah don’t tick it then what a load of rubbish it is there to be used, I have used it on every other build of the firewall apart from this one. B.T.W. Changing from comodo internet security to comodo proactive security in configurations has the same effect. Try it and see.

It is working for me. I have no idea what I could be doing differently. All I did was turn it on to test if it was working and noticed no difference whatsoever.

Seems to be working now after an update they did. Thanks Anyway. :BNC