Checking Updates is Suspended error

I am running CIS v. 3.13.126709.581, using the firewall and defence+ only, on one of my PC’s. It indicated that there was an update available but when I tried to run the updater it came back with an error indicating that installing updates were suspended. After rebooting a few times, I continually get an error when I try and update - “Checking updates is suspended”.

My other PC which is running CIS v. 3.14.130099.587 previously updated OK, and when I try to run update on that it says that there is no update available (which is probably correct as it is a later version).

Can anybody advise how I can resolve this issue?
Many thanks.

This is wierd. I was getting the “suspended” message for a number of days now each time I tried to update; however when I tried it once more again today, it successfully updated from the existing 3.13.126709.581 to 3.14.130099.587.

So issue resolved.

It must have been a server side hiccup.