Check for websites database updates - Error + Website Filtering not working?

I hope I am posting in the right place and not repeating a report ( I did search around first ).

Following the prompt to upgrade today, I upgraded so I am now using the free Comodo Firewall 7.0.315459.4132. At approx 81% of the way through the upgrade, the PC rebooted without asking if I wanted to do it immediately or later which I thought was unusual.

All came back okay but if I now do an Update, I get “Check for websites database updates” with a status of Error. The home page states that the last update was 4 months ago.

Is this something I need to worry about / correct or is it yet another reminder that I shouldn’t be using this XP SP3 any more :wink: ?

EDITED: I have also noted that I cannot Disable Website Filtering - nothing happens when I deselect the option and hit the OK button…if I select any other menu option, the Website Filtering dialogue remains so the only option I can take is Cancel :frowning:

A complete uninstall / reinstall of Comodo Firewall appears to have resolved the symptoms I reported in my earlier post.