Check Box Problem Returns

System Info:
Windows XP, SP3, 32-bit, all current Windows updates installed (as of 28-Jan-2013).
Administrative rights

Comodo is installed on a second drive, Drive “F”.

Comodo Browser Ver

Google Chrome Browser (also installed on the same drive) Version 25.0.1364.45 beta-m. This is set to auto-update to the latest beta when available.

Problem: The Check box problem has returned. On some sites, user activated check boxes (web forms) will not appear in the current active window pane. A refresh/reload of the page does not correct the problem.

This has been previously reported elsewhere and acknowledged a couple of years ago to be a problem with the underlying Chrome engine itself. It persisted for several versions in Chrome’s early development, but was eventually resolved. The problem persisted for over a year of Google Chrome in the past and with the most recent update(s) it seems to have returned. I did not have this problem last week and earlier with CD or Google Chrome so the suggestion is that what ever changed in the most recent set of updates has returned the problem.

This manifest to me under Google Groups as check boxes not displaying, forcing me to access Google Groups with FireFox instead.

The problem is reproduceable even after cache files are cleared and a fresh browser start.

This problem is reproduceable in Google Chrome as well which is also installed on the same drive.

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Problem still persisting


Any suggestions on when this might get fixed? As noted this was earlier deemed a problem with the underlying Chrome engine. There is substantial data on this in Google forums dedicated to their flavor of Chrome. This has been propagated into CD it seems.

I am forced to use FireFox or other browsers when I encounter web forms with check boxes as a result.