check at Start-up ?

When does CADE check for mail? I like it to do this at startup from windows but It looks like it checks for the first time after 30 min. My email checks at start up, does Thunderbird activates CADE on the moment it checks for mail on the servers?

It does for me. Comodo AntiSpan seems to work almost like a mail proxy so when Tbird checks for mail, Comodo comes in and checks your mail box. If no messages meet Comodo’s approval (so are in quarantine) then Tbird reports there were no messages. Once they’re approved in Comodo, Tbird will download them.

Make sure you’ve rebooted after installation though or it won’t work!

So what is wrong and what is right because all mail from Gmail slips through? (:SAD)

Hi Eljo,

I don’t think Thunderbird is the issue but Gmail. I don’t use Gmail myself but looking at your screenprint, Gmail’s using a non-standard pop port so perhaps Antispam simply isn’t able to monitor the port (the antispam program is quite elderly and predates Gmail).

If the port and authentication information are definately correct then I’m guessing you may be struggling. Have you tried logging a Support Ticket - you might get an answer directly from Comodo (although it may take a while):

Thanks I will do that!