Charity Antivirus

Uses BitDefender

I think its from the makers of coz I remember they mention about this in the Wilders forum in the myfreeantivirus thread.

Both websites have rating “Poor” in Web of Trust or whatever “WOT” stands for… I mean the browser extension… Wonder why that is, never heard of them before.

“Get the best Antivirus technology in the world” ;D

BTW, the first time I hear “Charity AV”…another one using Bitdef… 88)

I tried to get it.

There are 2 versions.

Free Version
Ambassador Version - You have to donate an amount of choice.

I opted for Free Version.

You need to register & download starts & few mins later it mentions installation link saved to file download folder in the computer & also sent to the mentioned email.

Nothing found in the download folder. In email, the download links are for Ambassador version & none of the links works.

Guess…something fishy…

Yes again Bitdefender LOL ;D it looks only charity, why they called them antivirus :smiley:
and funny, that’s what called “the best” antivirüs 88)

So fake…

“Ambassador Version - You have to donate an amount of choice.” ROFL! This is ridiculous…

Yes this is really not attractive…

guys you are sure insulting the people of Charity antivirus,also the guy who said had the “WOT” app, its a virus and that’s thats. GET RID OF IT! :P0l Im sure you know that its giving money to Charity’s and by insulting the makers, you insulting the donates which shall soon be me as well. so get it right and BUY IT and see for yourself. you will feel better when the stats of children dieing goes down because you know you have helped those whose suffering get better and get themselves a job.

I hope you understand now why i sent this.

Best regards
P.S im sending this post to a expert in diplomatic and computers. if you are reported as a violation in terms and conditions you will get reported. Thank you

Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that a case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’?

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BTW I know the answer to my question above, thanks.