changing plans

Can I upgrade plans if my needs change during the year?

i.e. I sign up for a Power User and in three months I need pages, can I upgrade to a Prestige?

You can change your current trustfax plan at anytime. You can request the change by sending an email to or make the change by logging into your account. To change your plan: Click on account info - billing - change plan. Select the new plan and save the changes.

When you change a plan, your billing cycle will change so that your start date of the new plan is the time you made the change. You may also have a credit applied to the account change. The credit is based upon the number of fax pages used and the time left in the billing cycle.

If a credit exists, it will be applied to the upgrade. If you are downgrading your plan, the credit will be issued to your account and can be used for future purchases. To view the credit/billing, go to your account and click on account info - billing and look at the payment information section. The “more info” link will bring up a history of your billing that you can print for your records.


What is the account password? I am trying to change my billing credit card?

Login details are not posted in forums.
You can request a password reset from or you can reset you own password from the trustfax login page. Click the link forgot password to reset your password.