changing firewall alert setting

I’m using CFW version 3 and it was installed in basic setup. I received a firewall alert and I checked the block this request box., but the remember my answer box was also checked. How can that be changed so that the application can run. Thanks, Artie

Go to firewall/advanced/network security policy and find the program-it should show blocked there. Just erase the entry and you will get another chance at it. Or change it from “blocked application” to “trusted application”.

I went to Firewall, Advanced, Network Security Polices, application rules. I’m looking for the pinger.exe file and it is not listed? Am I using the right path?? Thanks

Are you looking for ping, the Windows application? Pinger is a Toshiba application. Don’t know why ping doesn’t show up. You may need to add it to the applications list manually and make it a trusted application. Also see if it is listed in Defense+/advanced/Computer Security Policy and mark it trusted there.