Changing email address and Pervious Certificate

I currently have CSE installed and utilising a certificate with an email address of ie “”. I will be changing my ISP and will be provided a new email address of ie “”. I understand that I will need to install a new certificate to encrypt emails from “”.

The question is when I installed this new certificate will this prevent me from reading previously email sent to “”?

Does the pervious certificate, which is still installed, and new certificate will cause any issue in reading emails sent to “” and “”?

Hi leonh;

I am somewhat new at e-mail certificates, but I believe you should not have any problem reading the emails once they are installed on your computer. I am sure if you have both certificates from both email accounts in the certificate store, then you should not have any difficulty in reading any of the email.

Make sure you backup/export the certificate you are using now. Save it to a secure place on your computer, then if anything happens to the certificate when you have your new email address setup you can import the certificate and everything should work. (You shouldn’t even need to import it because you won’t be deleting the old certificate when you set the new one up.)

Good luck, let me know how it goes.