"Changes will not be undone"

I started a deployment and I wanted to go do some other things when I get this alert.

What exactly is this trying to tell me? If it’s saying that the deployment will continue, where can I go to view current deployments? If it’s telling me the deployment will be cancelled, it needs to be reworded. Okay, either way, I think it should probably be reworded for clarity.

Option 1: “You have deployments in progress. They will continue running and you can view them later by going to ”

Option 2: “You have deployments in progress. Leaving this page will abort them and you will have to initiate the deployments again later”.

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I did go ahead and navigate away and now the machines I was deploying to are grayed out (offline). I have no idea if the deployments are going or not. I cannot start a new deployment (as they are offline).

I rebooted and these machines still show offline. I tried to reinstall the agent but it says it’s already installed. I suppose I’m going to uninstall and start over?

Hi Scott,

Basically it means that if the deployment on a machine is at 60% when you navigate away from the page then that deployment will not be completed nor will it be rolled back. This is the reason we advise that larger-scale deployments be staged - so that ESM agents can be pushed out quickly to groups of endpoints and then the more time consuming CES deployments can be rolled out at a later stage.

We are aware of this situation and are looking at the best way to let an admin perform other functions while the deployment is in progress and also to be able to cancel deployment on a ‘per endpoint’ basis.


So you’re saying it completely breaks it? The verbiage needs to be updated.

“Navigating away from this page will leave the deployment in an irreparable state. You will need to manually remove the client/agent and initiate a new deployment.”


…but that would not be entirely true :slight_smile: If you are deploying to 3 machines and navigate away from the page it could be that 1/2 or all 3 machines still get the agent. The agent runs as a Windows service so no target reboot is required.

I agree that the wording could be better but think it would be better that the deployment continues running as a background task (so guess what we’re working on… :slight_smile: )