Changes to unrecognized files lookup

When I have a list of unrecognized files I select all of them and press “Lookup…” and I only get the results back after every one of the files has been checked. I want the results page to open and then be filled as the verdicts are returned. So basically right now it’s like. . .


they all have to be scanned and I’m only shown results after ALL unrecognized files have been scanned. I think it should go. . .

file1 ---------- checking
and then
file1 ---------- safe
move to file2
file2 ---------- checking
file2 ---------- unknown

So I can watch as the verdicts come back one at a time without needing the whole list to be checked before I can see any results.

Also in “Unrecognized Files” there should be a category that tells me the date and verdict from the last time I checked the files online.



i dont know but some time the list may be long

A really big list is the whole reason I want this in CIS. You would get to see results of some files before everything has been checked online. It actually helps speed things up but no one wants this?

+1 from me! :-TU

+1 :-TU