changes to firewall settings slow down/shut down internet connections [RESOLVED]

                                                                  Hi Everybody,   

Yesterday when I released and renewed my network connection, Comodo firewall 3 (latest version) has slowed down or stopped my computers ability to connect to the INTERNET.   The only reason I can post now is because I've shutdown the firewall. I also lose any INTERNET connections when i make any changes to the firewalls settings.

It keeps adding global rules concerning my network adapter , and auto places them at the top of the global rules, even when I move them, it moves them back. I when I try to renew my network connections, it adds new rules because it thinks I have a new network adapter.
I use “stealth my ports to everyone” in the stealth ports wizard, not “define a new trusted network” . However, any changes I make to the order of global rules, such as adding a P2P rule close to the top,is put back on the bottom the next time I open global rules.
And it has the rules concerning my network adapter on top of the global rules, despite the fact I chose “stealth my ports to everyone” in the stealth ports wizard .
It’s like the firewall won’t save any settings or realize that I have only one network adapter on my computer. Previous versions did not cause these problems.
If I can’t get these problems resolved I will have to go back to windows firewall.

Try doing a complete uninstall and reinstall.

Thanks for your reply, I’ll do a reinstall and post my results !

It worked !
Thanks !

Im glad… (S)

Ok, topic will be closed as problem was solved. If issue returns PM an online moderator to open.