changed icons

ok first off im not sure if this is in the right area so if its not could it please be moved there? thanks.

ok my problem is after installing comodo internet security premium my icons changed. they now have a red human-likfe profile on them and i was wondering if theres a way to remove them without uninstalling cis. and im wanting to make sure its from comodo too. thanks for any help you can provide.

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No, that isn’t something that CIS does.

yeah to be honest i didnt quite think it was though i was hoping it did it. have you ever seen anything like this or have a idea what it is? everything seems to be fine except for the little change on the icon. ive even ran hijackthis and nothings on it looks out of place. well ill run multiple avs tonight but i dont think its a virus. any thoughts from anyone out there?

You haven’t installed any desktop helper applications or something of that sort recently?

It looks like it’s a shortcut indicator, but I have to admit it’s a bit intrusive. I doubt that it is virus activity.

Edit: Perhaps a theme change?

the only thing like that ive got is tuneup utilities 2011 but ive had that on here for awhile and never had this happen before. could it be malware? well either way its odd whatever it was lol. i seem to have fixed it using tweakui for windows 7 but it would be nice to know what caused it so can get rid of it or avoid it happening again.

why do you have

Panda, CIS, Avast and Avira running together?

well i uninstalled cis already. panda is the free version so it isnt really doing anything so i should close it. and i tend to let avira or avast run in the background.