Change Update scheduling

Hi :slight_smile:
I`m using Comodo internet security and i want to change update setting, for example; I like to schedule it to update every two days or every hours or …
How can change it? It seems impossible…!

Are you referring to AV updates of program updates?

yes, I mean AV update

Currently there is no way to schedule AV updates, but there is a bit of a workaround.

In Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Real Time Scanning, uncheck Automatically update virus database. This will stop the auto-updates. Make sure this option is checked on the Scheduled Scanning tab.

Now in Antivirus → Scan Profiles, set up a custom scan profile that scans a small file. Any .txt file will do, as these will scan instantly.

Then go to Antivirus → Scheduled Scanning, and create a scheduled scan that runs your new scan profile, and set the schedule for whenever you would like the updates to happen.

Now when this schedule scan runs, all it will do is basically update the virus database. (If you have the Scan memory at start option enabled in Scheduled Scanning, it will do this as well. You can decide whether or not to turn that off)

Your solution works, but i think it`s better to design an option for it.
Thanks for reply and best Internet security :slight_smile: