change the theme file to dark (vision problems)

Good morning, I did not know where to write it, so I put here: I have Comodo internet security, but my vision has worsened, I need the theme to be a dark as a high contrast on win. I saw an old post that said how to change the theme of convenience with the mystyle file, but in the themes folder of comodo there are only.set files. I found out how to edit it, extracting the file in zip, and going to the css file by changing the colors… However, even using win 10 super-administrator accounts I can not then overwrite an already existing theme modified, and insert another theme.set convenient does not detect it in the choice themes. modify. Sorry but I’m using translator, I hope you can help me, the program great, but without black background for me is becoming a torture

hi, it’s too complicated to change the theme for me, I hope someone thinks about making a dark theme for people who have visual problems thanks

HI cris33

sorry for the inconvenience, you can only able to change the themes which is available in the CIS setting.
Refer the below link.
However we will take your issue to the team notice and update you.