Change/Remove Program List

When I went to go to try and uninstall something in the Change/Remove Programs list, my list seemed to load faster than usual, but it didn’t seem fully populated to me. It was missing some items such as FireFox and it didn’t have a Change/Remove button for the programs.

This is what I’m seeing:

Does anyone know how I can change it back to normal???

can anyone help???


I’m no sure if I can help on this; but, have you used any registry cleaner or computer optimisation tool recently? These can often delete uninstallation files?


i’ve actually restored all the fixes registry mechanic had, and i was able to have some programs have the remove button back, but the size isn’t being indicated and some still don’t have anything, not all programs are still being shown.

Perhaps you should try System Restore. I think it may be the only way to fix this.


I use 4 different registry cleaners, Registry Mechanic, CCleaner, AWC and WinASO, but this have never happend to me.
If you go to Firefox folder, is there a uninstall program, and are you able to use it?


i can uninstall programs in their folders, but i still want to fix the add/remove program list.

and my system restore doesn’t work. for some reason, it says i have to reboot and try again, but if i do, same thing.

It does sound like something has corrupted your registry. Did this happen after a certain software install, or after cleaning the registry?

If a system restore doesn’t work, you may like to try the following fix, but it means editing the registry - which you may not be comfortable with:;en-us;Q266668


hey mike, that process seems to complicated for me… :frowning:

the only thing i have left in my mind is to do a system recovery…

I’m not really sure I can help you much further on this, without editing the registry as suggested in my previous post. You may like to read the following forum, which has a suggestion for using ccleaner to reinstall programs, should you need to. This may provide some help.

I’ll go over the Microsoft article about editing the registry and try to understand it, and post easier to follow instructions, if you like?


actually mike, i think i’m just going to do a HP System Recovery. seems like the best. but i’m just wondering if i’ll keep my hardware drivers after the restore since someone i know said i wouldn’t…shouldn’t i have all my hardware drivers if it restores it to when i first purchased my PC?

Yes, it should. My brother’s pc is HP and the drivers were all stored on a separate partition. You might want to double-check the files just be safe.

how would i check the files?

I don’t know :-[. That depends on where they’re stored on your computer. e.g. if C: drive is your main drive then your HP drivers could be on D: drive. Just take a quick glance at some folder names and see if you recognize some names like Intel, etc. of whatever your hardware consists of.

Even if your computer didn’t have the backup drivers, luckily you have this:
Laptop Computers, Desktops, Printers, Ink & Toner | HP® Official Site (Thanks to ~cat~ for the info from earlier).

i’m guessing the drivers on in D drive because i can’t see or actually get into D drive itself

You can’t from My Computer or Windows Explorer? Are you running an Administer account?

yes, i’m in admin. and i think all HP/Compaq computers don’t allow users to view the D drive, its like protected

Unless someone here knows, you should contact HP on how you can access D drive in preparation for driver reinstallation. Again, worst comes to worst, you still have the HP link I posted earlier. It’s better to go by the website anyway for the latest drivers.

oh yes, one more question. after i would use the HP System Recovery, would i still have my windows genuine still in my computer?

I don’t know. I destroyed mine long ago. I thought you were going for the full reformat. Why not contact HP?