Change of IP address

Has anyone else found the email coming from a new IP address ?

“Received: from engclustn3.stage.casg ( by”
Client just started getting a lot of winmail.dat problems with pdf attachments. Same person sending same email to non-ASG accounts don’t do the same.
I wonder…


Just had reply from support and yet again need to see as unable to agree with me, what the hell is going on with them. Emails being delivered by a server not on there list and they don’t know.

Apologies for sticking my nose in, but the following info may be useful when the CASG support staff get back to you about this;

This usually occurs when Outlook is configured to send emails as RTF.

There’s a Microsoft support note on this - How email message formats affect Internet email messages in Outlook - Microsoft Support

Maybe the CASG outbound server has been accidentally reconfigured to forward as RTF or possibly your direct email server has been changed to send as RTF.

Just a thought.,

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Apologies to Willard-UK for butting into your original topic.

Thanks Mr Panic. We have gone around and around with people sending emails with RTF, ad nauseam. Someone just decided to point the finger at ASG.
I offered to change the MX record to prove it one way or another.

I agree the winmail.dat issue appears and then disappears without changes to either sending or receiving system and clients NOT using RTF.

Did anyone get an email saying that IP addresses of sending servers were being changed on the 12 February even if you have been moved to new platform already?

Did anyone get an email saying that IP addresses of sending servers were being changed on the 12 February even if you have been moved to new platform already?

Not here. Wonder if they just updated the DNS to show the new IP?

Been told that an update was done on 12th Feb and an email was sent which none of my clients got it and there is a copy below but does not say if this is EU or Others, also just found that the old not archiving inbound emails has started again on that date and I will bet that support says it’s my fault and nothing to do with the changes…

We are continuing to improve our Comodo Antispam Gateway infrastructure to
provide you a better service. In this context, we are planning to migrate
our current customers like you part by part to the new better
infrastructure on 12 Feb 2019.
On this date, you should make below configurations in order to continue
using the ASG system without any interruption.
Configure your firewalls and add new ASG outgoing IP address to your
Recipient Filtering or Transport Rules in order to allow e-mail traffic
flowing from the ASG to your systems:
• (
This IP address is going to replace currently used address.
Also, please make sure the following networks are on your access list:
Update your bookmarks to the new URL of the Antispam Gateway:
Secure Email Gateway Login Page
The domain is still here for backward
compatibility so for now your MX and SPF records may remain the same.
We will send you another email right after the migration will be finished.
But please note, if you’re unable to login to the on the migration date it may be due to
the fact that your account has been switched already. In this case just try
to login to the Secure Email Gateway Login Page.
During the migration it may be possible to experience a brief service
outage related to switch-over of DNS addresses and restart of services –
but it does not exceed 15 minutes even in the worst case.

You should make the changes described above and let us know if the issue is resolved or if you require further assistance.

Looking forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,
Comodo Technical Support Team

we were switched last December and went through the archive thing, but it was fixed.


Support are pissing me off now tell me that archive and quarantine are not being filled due to port 25 being closed. We are getting email messages and notice of messages being quarantined. We have not been moved to new platform but yet need new IP address.

They are a bunch of idiots whos reply to any support ticket is it’s you not us.

I have said it before but time to move as all upgrades they due go wrong and will never admit it.

Never had that kind of response from support. They have always been pretty responsive, if not effective. I think, but don’t know, that they resell ASG and their support is dependent on the parent company’s support. Obviously, that support person has no knowledge of email protocols or he wouldn’t say port 25 being closed is your problem. When they moved us, it looked to me like they had not properly set up their links, and the link to the new archive/quarantine was actually going to the old one that was no longer getting updated. It took a couple of days before it was sorted out (after I reported it). Just a guess on my part.
We don’t “filter” incoming email by IP as it now goes to Office 365 and they do a good job.

I do agree to some end, the first contact with support is always useless and not helpfully and found that once I moan the ticket gets escalated and then seem to get some good support.

This issue of upgrading and loss of messages has happened on every client thats gone through it, about time they got it sorted now have a client that has lost all archive and spam messages for five days and keeps getting messages that we want to release but no access to spam message to release as has not got any messages from last five days.

Also support keep saying we were sent an email before upgrade but not in the logs and we did not see it.

Support have agreed that there was a script issue so users can now see queues but now no email is being delivered ASG says accepted but NDR delivered to sender. I have had it with them and there upgrades.