Change Network Zones Type

Under Network Zones in Firewall, if I enable automatic detection and automatically treat location as “Public”, how can I later change individual zone into “Home” or “Work”? Can’t seem to find an option for that.
By the way, how beneficial it is to even have automatic detection on?

Use manage networks firewall task, home and work are the same as selecting trust network.

Yeah I thought so. But I was still blocked from connecting with my wireless printer under trusted networks. Weirdly enough, when I turn off the computer, the printing command is sent during the brief moment before the computer finally shuts down.
I have disabled automatic detection of networks for now.

Have you tried deleting all the Networks and rebooting? It should after a few seconds of activity, ask you to choose on the ones it finds

Yes I did. It would find the new networks, but again I was still blocked from printing wirelessly.
On the whole, the network zone setting was really flaky for me. When I disabled automatically apply new networks as … (but automatic detection of new networks was on), Comodo would alert me of only the first network I connected to. When I switched a new network, even after reboot, it neither alerted nor appeared in the network list.

Then you need to check the firewall event logs as it will show what is being blocked, setting the network to trusted won’t matter if traffic is being blocked due to having block fragmented IP traffic setting enabled.