Change from Zone Alarm?

I wonder if anyone could suggest a reason to change from Zone Alarm to Comodo? I’m always looking for programs which will hog less of my system resources. I already use Comodo on my laptop and would like to use it on my desktop if I could be given a reason to change. Thank you.


One reason would be that CPF 2.4 got better leak protection, as analyzed by matousec:

Also, if you’re using free version of ZoneAlarm, it’s not much better than Windows built-in one, only adds program control.
Summary, Comodo got better protection against malware that tries to terminate it, better leak protection and it’s not to hard to use, if you don’t want to mess around with the network rules. Also it offers protections that ZoneAlarm doesn’t have(does it even got parent application check?).
CPF offers more security, doesn’t eat more resources than any other firewall, and it’s free!


Interesting. I’m in the exact same situation as Asmarka .

In that the Windows firewall only blocks incoming traffic and ZA has the ability to block incoming and customized outgoing traffic I don’t think that’s an accurate statement.

FWIW With the newly added Comodo fw to my notebook I see no significant if any impact on my response times over using just the Windows fw.

I think the main difference between Comodo and other freeware firewalls is that it’s a full blown version. Most, if not all freeware types are scaled down versions of the fully fledged variant, the latter of which you can upgrade to for an annual fee. The Comodo firewall on the other hand is a full professional version incorporating all the security devices and menu options of the paid for types, but for which there is no licence fee.

Also, your own experiences with Comodo on your laptop should suffice as a recommendation to switch to this one.