Change container file location for sandbox / pricing for more than 3 licenses

I’m a very new user of Comodo Internet Security.

I became interested when Sandboxie became abandonware and reports came out that it will not work with Windows 10 1909.

So far I have 2 PCs using it under evaluation and I am fairly sure I will move the rest of the family PCs over to it (From Comcast Norton Complete)

The Suggestions (2)

I used to load Sandboxie’s container file in a Ramdisk. At the very least, it reset every time I shut off the computer. It also put less wear and tear on the SSD. Is it possible for CIS to be configurable with respect to the location of the container file/folder? I would like to load it in a 1 or 2 GB Ramdisk on every PC reboot/restart.

I will have about 8 PCs to migrate from Comcast Norton. A few are high use, most are low use. Pricing at $4.99 ea or 3 for $10 is just fine. But, there’s no way to easily buy enough for a household. Could you provide a way to sell a larger qty in one transaction. I’m evaluating both the free version and the paid version, which appear identical. At the least I feel compelled to buy a few licenses if they are identical.

Thank you.

I think that is a good idea.

I would suggest in order for this to work, that the VTRoot folder become a variable ( e.g. {VTRoot} ) so that it can be used within File Groups etc.