Change Color and Placement for buttons in alerts

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Read nr.3 and check pictures Firewall old vs new etc.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Read nr.3 and check pictures Firewall old vs new etc.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
When a unknown program trying to run/ connect to internet, Green = Allow, Red = Block, witch might indicate that the Allow is the safe option, even if it says Default on Run isolated at the Sandbox Alert.
Normally people see Green as a indication of a safe option and Red for danger.

Alert That are consistent with the the placement of the recommended option to pick for unkown program (Recommended to always be the top choice)
And change color so the Green indicates Safe option to pick for when a Comodo respond to a unknown program.

And that Auto-Sandbox alert change when a file has been Blocked Sandboxed etc

Unkown Application Blocked
Unkown Application isolated
Malicious Application Blocked and Quarantined

4. Any other information:

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forgot to add this picture as an optional for Sandbox New

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Forget to say this before but normaly Hips, sandbox and firewall will alert the user when a unknown program whants to do stuff,
thats why i think Block, Run isolated etc should be green indication of a safe option to pick.
the alerts should be adapted to the novice users and let they know what is the safe option to press when a unknown program trigger a alert.

Unknown = Unknown safe file, Unknown Malware

this is ofc not a problem for “advanced” user. e.g if they have configured the firewall to Custum Rulset ask for unknown and Trusted programs. and it trigger an alert for a trusted programs etc.

(According to me)
The current way: Green means the program willl be allowed, Red mens the program will be blocked. but the novice user dont think from the program stand point.
They think: whats the safe button for me to press, usually green becouse its connected with safety.

Yes . . simple but effective

This seems simple enough in principle. Anything to clear up the alerts and help with decision making. They seem to melt together without a tremendous amount of experience on the part of a user.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Updated and added a new picture.
Sandbox old vs new2018

To make the sandbox alert be more intuitive and consistent with CCAV ask alert.
Same like CCAV, the 2 safe option should be placed ontop, the dangerous option below.

(Just a random thought)
(technically the most clicked safe option should be placed on the first spot, to reduce the chance that people miss click and click on: “Run outside” if majority of the user click on block instead of Run in sandbox, a space could also be added to reduce possible miss click unless they add Confirmation windows to CIS and CCAV)

Changed Run unlimited to: Run outside the Container
Added: (Safe) and (Caution)
2 safe option ontop.

[ ] Trust this application changed to: Remember my choice
(allow people to create a rule of their choice
Note: in CCAV ask alert, Remember my choice + Run outside sandbox will add a rule and add the file to trusted.)
(Note: HIPS and Firewall have Remember My Choice)

Very nice bit of fine tuning. Agree totally with the logic and new layout there . . . adding more safeguards to the instinctive ‘click in error’ move :-TU

I agree. If the alerts are clear, the choice is clear too. Helps me as a computer operator avoid mistakes…

This is an area where I hope all security products focus improvements. I feel there is room for improvement.

Very much agree. Anyone with training in UX knows that people associated Green with Good and Red with danger.

Therefore I can see how many people may automatically click the Green option thinking it is the best one, especially if they are not very experienced with PCs.

This was actually covered on my university course, I had actually been suprised to see this in CIS myself.

I get the logic for both, but I agree that it should be changed.