Change Blocked Program setting How?


I am trying the Comodo Firewall and like it so far except for one issue.

When a program try’s to access the internet you get a choice as to allow or block.

If you select the wrong decision where can you go in Comodo Firewall to change the internet access setting you chose for a specific program. Meaning say if you allowed and realized that you want it blocked now how can you do such?

In ZA you can change anything you set with specific programs. Can that be done in Comodo?

Figured it out

Can you help a novice and tell me how it is done – I have blocked when I should have allowed!
Thanks! ???

Go to

Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy > Application Rules tab

Find the application on the list. You can right click on it and select to Edit or Remove.
or you could select it and use the buttons on the right side of the window for the same.

If you choose edit you will need to know how to make the required rule.

It is much easier to just Remove and the next time you use the App it will ask again and
you can choose block or allow remember etc.

Hope that’s clear enough.
Just ask if not.