change Advanced to Basic

Installed Comodo Firewall Pro and during install the default setting is Advanced. Too busy. I would like to change back to a quieter Basic.

How do I do that?


Hi Michael,

Go to “defense+ > advanced > defense+ settings > deactivate the defense+ permanently (requires a system restart)”.

However be advised that you won’t have top security including leak protection.

You might also try changing the Defense+ mode to “training” first.

Hello sded:

Thank you for your suggestions. I am puzzled, however, by the fact that leak protection comes with such an overhead. Why should all the Security Alerts (and I mean A LOT of Security Alerts) that come up with the Advanced setting compared to the Basic setting would provide leak protection. It would seem so bothersome that the Advanced setting is working against itself. One may to have to decide between extra security (leak protection) and the continuous intrusion of the alerts.

Version 3.1.x, to be released shortly, will reportedly include a third configuration option, which passes leak tests but without the full D+. However the advanced mode is still more secure, against leaks and against other attacks.

Thank you for your remarks.