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Evening Everyone
(:WAV) (:WAV)
I Would Like To Announce My New Website :BNC

It’s still pretty much under construction but it’s up and running and i can google my name and get to it number one (I Guess I’m Cooler Then Ganda :stuck_out_tongue: (:KWL) )

Features: My Personal Blog, Free Unlimited File Hosting, Free Project Manager…

I Need Help With Setting Up The Support Part Of It (

any comments or questions?


What’s the support page for?

Oh, and another thing about the upload gallery: yes, it’s nice that you are giving free uploads, but I would rather upload my stuff to, as you never know when you might take down that site…

(My Skydrive: you can get one too!)

This will be up for another 4 years or more…

For Computer Support…


Hey CGPMaster check out this site:
You’ll find a personal signature to your liking… :-TU
Just copy the signature and paste in your profile signature…
Xman (:KWL)

Thanks But No Thanks :slight_smile: