CFW8 on Windows 10 installable OR NOT?

I’ve clean installed Windows 10, then download CFW8, install ok, but Windows ■■■■■■■ up quickly and I had to make another OS clean install. Second time I use same installer but get notification This product cannot be installed. Only difference is 2nd OS instance is installed as non-english. Is that preventing CFW to install? I can’t figure out how to bypass it since on 1st OS instance I was able to install and run CFW (even with non-english langpack). So what’s up. Must have CFW installed.

That worked perfectly, thanks lahma !

Progress from lahma still not working for me. I get notification tho Defender is permanently disabled.
Btw. setting Turn off Windows Defender from “Not Configured” to “Disabled” just Enables defender (doubled negation).
To turn off Deffender actually you nust enable the rule.

I’ve found a more elegant working solution: rename cfw_installer_XXXX_XX.exe to anything else, eg. cfw.exe and launch it ;))

Bucky Kid: My instructions have nothing to do with the windows notification that “Comodo 8.0 is not compatible with this version of Windows”. My instructions address the problem of Windows Defender becoming permanently disabled after installing Comodo Firewall. However, your tip is useful as well, because the way I was getting around that message was by extracting the MSI installer from the cfw_installer_*.exe using Winrar.

I am extremely confident if you follow my instructions precisely, it will fix your Windows Defender problem. If you can’t get it to work, I would be happy to help you out if you message me and tell me your exact situation and the problem you are having. The easiest way, and the way that I can absolutely guarantee you works, is to install Windows 10 fresh (or at least use Windows restore to go back to a point before you tried installing Comodo the first time), and follow my first set of instructions regarding set the group policy. I tested it multiple times in a virtual machine, and 2 different physical machines. Although, to be fair, I did perform it on Windows 10 Pro, but I am nearly positive it should work on Windows 10 versions that don’t have the group policy manager by using the registry changes I discussed instead.

To address your comments about the Windows Defender group policy setting, I really don’t know what you are trying to say… The entire point of my post was to show how to turn ON (enable) defender, not turn it off. By setting that group policy setting to “Disabled”, it prevents Comodo from setting the 2 registry values “DisableAntiSpyware” and “DisableAntiVirus” to a value of “1” (and if Comodo is allowed to set those registry values, Windows Defender is disabled).