CFW & BOC Updates

Wondering when the Comodo update servers are out of action. Is it daily for a while?

I ask because I always try to update around 1AM Pacific Time on this machine and the servers rarely respond. Every week or so I’ll get an update - with no settings changed - during that particular time period; from around 12:30 am to 3am or so. Otherwise, no joy.

The strange hours are due to my typically using my laptop nightly for several hours. My other systems have no trouble updating BOC and CFW and do so automatically every day.

I’ve done the usual checking - windows FW is off and nothing seems to be blocking updates. I do use a different connection on the laptop, wireless evdo. But the fact that updates do work once a week or so seems to obviate the theory that those update systems are incompatible with it. Puzzled.

Just want to add that using the url is to no avail as well.

Hi Nexx9,

Sorry for the late response. It is quite strange your getting these problems!

Can you please Uninstall Comodo Firewall Pro 3 & BOC using Revo Uninstaller. It is a good free application for uninstalling left over Reg keys, Files, etc But in this current situation, only use this for CFP and BOC.

Just install the program, Uninstall BOC & CFP using Revo, Reboot your computer, Then install both the programs again. Make sure your using the latest versions of BOC & CFP too.

Does this solve the problem?