CFW - Sweep doesn't find EaseUS Todo Backup or Partition Master.

I use free versions of both EaseUS Todo Backup and Partition Master, both of which are excellent, and, as far as I know, free of any malicious or problematic behavior. I have installed the free version of CFW, ver. on six machines, including two of my own, and run a sweep the drives to identify and resolve any identified problems or conflicts.

Then, on all of them, the first time I run each EaseUS program, CFW pops up multiple alerts that require addressing to allow the program to continue. Sometimes, the EaseUs program still fails, and CFW pops more alerts the second time I run them. After that, they appear to run without further problems.

Unless there any identified issues with these EaseUS products, I would strongly suggest that Comodo’s programmers and technicians add these products to their database. Meanwhile, thanks in advance for any other suggestions to ease CFW installation.

From what Firewall component(s) do you get the alerts and what binaries of EaseUs are involved? The publisher of EasUs is a Trusted Vendor. Do binaries belonging to EaseUs programs gets flagged or of other programs?

Hi Harvey R,

Which version of “EaseUS Todo Backup” and “EaseUS Partition Master” are you using, could you please provide us the file or exact download link of the product you are using.

Sorry, I got so many pop ups I didn’t keep track of which alerts popped. With both Total Backup and Partition Master), I got maybe six or more quick pop up alerts in a row, followed by more later, after clearing the early pop ups. The later pop up in the middle of cloning with Partition Master appears to have killed the clone attempt. Also, another pop up appeared the second time I ran Partition Master.

Both programs are working well, now, since I went through the routine to tell CFW to allow whatever caused them. I would have to uninstall and re-install CFW to get the specific alert info.

I am using the latest versions of both programs, Total Backup Free ver. 11.5 and Partition Master Free ver. 13.50.

Thanks to both of you for replying. :slight_smile:

The Logs will tell what binaries were flagged. You need to check the Containment Logs and/or the HIPS logs. Can you post a screenshot(s) of the events that were logged?

EricJH - Your last post doesn’t allow quoting. Sorry, I don’t know where the log files are stored on my machine. When I tried to find them in CFW, it took me to my Documents folder, but o log files.

I can only restate that this has happened on at least five or six Windows 10 machines, including 64 bit GPT and MBR and a 32 bit MBR setup. Hope that helps.

You can find the logs as described in the following: View CIS Logs, Firewall Software, Log Monitor, Defense+ Filter|Internet Security .

Hi Harvey R,

EaseUS Todo Backup ver. 11.5 and Partition Master Free ver. 13.50. has been completely whitelisted. Could you please check now.
If you still face this problem, then please provided us the log as Ericjh mentioned.

Click ‘Tasks’ > ‘Advanced Tasks’ > ‘View Logs’ - Select “Firewall Events” from DropDown.
Click ‘Tasks’ > ‘Advanced Tasks’ > ‘View Logs’ - Select “HIPS Events” from DropDown.
Click ‘Tasks’ > ‘Advanced Tasks’ > ‘View Logs’ - Select “Containment Events” from DropDown.

Just to note using rating scan does not scan every file on disk, it only scan certain areas for files to check against file rating service.