CFRMD bluescreen repeatedly

This is similar to other posts, but none that seem to be the same install (CIS) / recent / in English.

I have just installed Windows 7 32bit on a HP laptop and on a HP Desktop.
The laptop keeps crashing. Blue screen then restart.
Error was:
File System Filter ‘CFRMD’ (Version 6.1, ?2012?-?07?-?17T17:05:30.000000000Z) failed to attach to volume ‘\Device\Harddisk1\DR1’.

I found in a forum that CFRMD related to Comodo.
I uninstalled GeekBuddy.
I can’t find any file on the system named cfrmd.

It still crashes, but now it doesn’t seem to be able to see what just hacked it off at the knees as it goes down.

I can provide an event log if you - I’ve just been looking at System\Windows.

I’m hoping I can get Comodo to work, or I may as well reinstall Windows and go to another AV.

The desktop hasn’t had an issue so far (only set them both up today though).

Cfrmd.sys belongs to Comodo System Cleaner. Looks like you have or had that installed in the past. If it is installed uninstall it.

If it was installed and no longer there download Autoruns and in the drivers section look up the driver and disable it from starting. Then reboot and the problem should be gone.