CFPv3.0.8.214 Beta Buglist [Closed]

Please DO remember to report only ONE bug per post.
Please DO remember to add those informations to all bugs you post in the Beta Corner, Expecially for BSODs.

[ol]- Windows Version/Bit and Service Packs

  • Your realtime Antivirus/version,Spyware remover/Version, other Security Software/Version
  • Affected CFP3 Component (GUI/Defense+/Firewall/Compatibility issue and so on…)
  • Affected Software/Version (if the bug doesn’t affect window itself)
  • Brief description of the problem (Attach screeshots/Diagnostic report or crash dumps if needed)
  • Steps to reproduce the bug (if applicable)[/ol]

Bugreporting threads for V308

[ol]- 32bit - Active Process List/ Active Connections: Traffic’ in ‘Summary’ is updated too slow,

CFP v3.0.8.214 beta Workarounds

  • Avast web shield - Cannot load Webpages
  • Useful Firewall rules and policies
  • CFP Password Crash CFP
  • Cannot disable CFP Image Execution Control

Latest Beta has been released. This thread is now closed.

Tnx for helping,