When I click on Scan My System, I get warning messages about cfpconfg.exe accessing the screen and keyboard. No idea how to respond to these warnings - I assume this file is invoked by Comodo itself, so I’m not sure why it’s warning me about its own processes…

I recall getting the same thing when I first started. Indeed, it’s a little odd.

You should see cpfconfg in My Pending Files (i.e., “waiting for your review”). From there you can move it into My Own Safe Files or you can just add it to the Safe Files section directly.

Hmmm, it’s showing 0 pending files…

You might try starting the scan again and if it pops up again, mark it as a Trusted Application. If it doesn’t come up, then the issue may be solved.

The other alternative that I’ve done is to go into Defense+ —> Define a New Trusted Application (I’m at work, so I can’t check; I’m assuming that’s what it’s called and where it’s found) and add it (or anything else) yourself. At the worst, you just have to navigate to where the Comodo folder is and select the cfpconfg.exe file.