CFP3 Defense+ Locks Up Everything In All Active Modes Incld Training

Dear COMODO Help Team,

Most recently, I installed a new app and mistakenly choose isolated app(if i recall correctly) when a pop up window appears asking me for how it should be treated.

Bad selection!My whole system was denied.I can’t open any app, even connect to the internet and shutdown my pc.It just keeps giving me the “You’re not authorized to access the apps/files” message.I can’t even open any link on my START button as well as the control panel.

Fortunately, I managed to logged off, restart in safe mode and disable Defense+ totally.Now everything is back to normal.I have tried switching to other security mode for Defense+ such as training mode but all of the just locks up my operating system like before.

Any solution to reset the program to its original state?I’m a newbie to all of these.I want to resume using DEFENSE+ for added protection. The antivirus program which I used together with CFP3 is NOD32 which I have no choice but to uninstall it to troubleshoot earlier but it turned out to be not the problem.The problem still persists if I activate DEFENCE+ every time.


Unfortunately, there’s no reset button.

In terms of wipe methods, you can uninstall comodo and then reinstall it.

Alternatively, if you remember what application you isolated, you can try going into defense±>advanced->computer security policy, then scroll through the list of items until you find the application then click on the remove button. This will prompt another pop-up if that application starts again.