CFP3 blocking Comodo Anti-Malware when it scans firewall files.

Comodo Anti-Malware is in the trusted programs already, yet every time it tries to Access the memory of a Firewall executable, CFP3 blocks it. So, on the summery screen, I see that the firewall has blocked suspicious attempts and it makes me think something bad tried to run. Comodo Anti-Malware trying to scan the memory of a Firewall executable is not suspicious at all – it’s what that program is designed to do. Is there a way to allow this event, or to keep it from showing up in the suspicious attempts list?

Gah. Posted this in the wrong section, can someone move it to the Help for v3 section? I thought i was in that section. Sorry.

Dont worry Star Shadow,everyone who has BO-Clean(i think thats what you mean)running along with V3 gets these alerts in D+.It is just cpf.exe protecting itself.I`ve not seen a way to stop it.


Hey riggers yes you can stop it from showing up. Follow this.

Good call Vettertech,just done and it works :-TU


Worked for me with Set Point. Comodo kept giving me false positives about Set Point accessing memory.

I just added BOClean, so hopefully the false positives will go down now. :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip.