CFP3 alert: trying to receive a connection on port 1080

I would appreciate any comments or pointers.
CFP3 gave me a popup firewall alert.
It said PopPeeper.exe is trying to receive a connection from the Internet
Remote: - TCP
Port: 1080
That computer,, is in china.

I had an email just before the alert.
It had a webbug (here is an edited version):… alt="

I have a DSL modem (providing NAT), and I am running CFP 3.5.54375.427
WindowsXP, SP3
AVG 8.0.175

I use PopPeeper to read my email. It queries online email like and
downloads and displays it. I don’t think PopPeeper is the problem here.
I think if I had read my mail online with FF, I would have had the same problem.

How does the webbug get through my security?
I thought that the modem NAT would have blocked this request.
When I test my ports with Shields UP, I find that port 1080 is in stealth mode
even with CFP turned off.
How can the webbug penetrate port 1080, and Shields UP cannot?
I believe that the webbug can access my IP address and maybe the PopPeeper process name.
Is it because the webbug has a process name (PopPeeper) and my IP address?
Whereas Shields UP only has my IP address?
Thanks for listening, any pointers or explanation would be appreciated

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